Friday, February 26, 2016

sprinkle school giveaway!

Today was so awesome. I got to go on Studio 5 and talk about sprinkles!  Let's just call it Sprinkle School, why don't we. You can watch the full segment here.

Okay so true confession: I don't love to EAT sprinkles, with one exception (we'll get into that), but I do love how they look. Oh, the things we do for beauty...

Anyway, I shared a few ideas on how to use your standard grocery store baking aisle sprinkles (confetti, nonpareils, jimmies, and sanding or crystal sugar), and showed my favorites that can only be found at specialty stores (dragees, glitter, jumbo heart confetti, and real chocolate sprinkles). It was so fun! And guess what? The awesome folks at Orson Gygi hooked me up with two big bags of sprinkles to give away. I've got a 1/2 pound bag of Jumbo hearts and a 1 pound bag of Guittard chocolate sprinkles- my two faves!

enter to win these sprinkles on Istagram!

To enter the giveaway, follow me on Instagram (username mattiecake_mattiecake), like the giveaway picture, and tag three friends to get in on the fun!

Row one (far left): gold glitter and drageez in three sizes; row two: white sanding sugar, silver sugar crystals, white sugar crystals, and gold sugar crystals; row three: rainbow jimmies, Guittard chocolate sprinkles, jumbo hearts, and rainbow confetti sprinkles; row four: medum white nonpareils, orange nonpareils, rainbow nonpareils, and blue nonpareils.

Here are my highlight tips from the show:

Confetti sprinkles: add 1/4 cup of these to your favorite yellow or white cake recipe for instant homemade funfetti!

Jimmies and nonpareils: roll the sides of a cupcake in these for a unique look, or add a few tablespoons of jimmies to vanilla frosting for a fun effect.

Sanding sugar and Sugar Crystals: use these in white for a sparkly snow effect, or in any color as an edible alternative to glitter.

Guittard chocolate sprinkles: my favorite! They are real chocolate, so they taste good and melt in your mouth. BONUS TIP: sprinkle these on buttered toast for a delicious European inspired treat! 

Jumbo hearts: not just for Valentine's Day, a single heart is my favorite way to top a red velvet cupcake all year long. The only place I've been able to find these locally is Orson Gygi.

Dragees and glitter: considered non toxic, these are the bling of the baking world. Use in moderation for a little sparkle and shine. If you're not comfortable with using these, the sugars mentioned above are a great alternative.

What's your favorite kind of sprinkle and your favorite application? And don't forget to go enter the giveaway on Instagram! The winner will be chosen in Tuesday.